Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today was Will's first day of pre-k. He was excited to go after we went and picked up his box of graham crackers at the grocery store today. I asked him if they played any games and he said he couldn't remember. He did remember the song they sang, which was called, "zip, zip". He couldn't remember any of the names of the kids, but he did tell me they ate graham crackers for a snack. Maggie and I dropped him off and walked back home to play outside and in the toy room. She didn't seem to mind having him gone, although when I was putting her clothes back on (she strips immediately upon entering the house) so we could pick him up, she said that she missed him and would give him a kiss.

I went out to water my porch plants this morning and I saw a furry black tail coming out of the bricks. I thought it was a cat, but it didn't make any movements when I came up behind it, so I went inside to see what it was from the window and I think we have a groundhog living with us. I went back out to see if he would jump off the porch if I walked up behind it, but it didn't. By the time we got Will home from school, he was gone.

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Hello Kim? Need an update here! :)