Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will goes to preschool in the fall, so I started thinking that it would be a good thing if he knew how to write a few letters so I wouldn't seem like too neglectful a parent. He has never liked to draw or color and can't (or won't) hold a pencil correctly. But I have been trying to work with him on that. He simply does not want to have anything to do with learning how to write. I started trying positive persuasion, like "You can do it, it will be fun!" Then it turned to bribing, "I'll give you some chocolate if you will write some letters." Then it turned into punishment, "you can't watch tv unless you write your letters." Now I've gotten just plain mean, "Maggie gets to watch tv, but you have to go up to your room and play quietly." That one works part of the time. The thing is, I need their tv time. I set them in front of the tv for a couple hours so I can lay down and read a book or try to nap. So, this is even more of a punishment for me than it is for Will. The day goes so slowly without my nap time. I hope the teachers can do a better job than I can.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today we went to the library to play and read. They were having a carnival for the kids so we decided to go. There were lots of games to play and candy and balloon animals. The balloon people were doing pretty elaborate things and I tried to get WIll to get a fish on a pole. But he just had to have a Viking hat. A once proud and fierce culture summed up into one balloon hat. Maggie got a dog on a leash which popped as soon as we got home.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One of the the reasons I am glad to be a stay-at-home-mom is that I rarely have to wake my kids up. They tend to be early risers anyway, no matter what time they go to bed, but sometimes we do have to be somewhere early. This morning I had an 8:00 dentist appointment so I had to take the kids over to a friend's house at 7:40. I gently woke Will up at 7:20 and he immediately screamed at me and told me to get out of his room. He didn't stop screaming and crying until after I left him at the Howell's. I literally had to drag him kicking and screaming out of our house, hold him down as I buckled him into his car seat, and then drag him kicking and screaming into their house. What a way to start off a play date. He sweetened up quickly and ended up having a good time with his friend, Natalie. Maggie was a lot easier to get up and she didn't mind being left at someone's house. I could not do that every day and go to work.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Tyler once again started thinking about quitting Mt. Dew. I said that if he quit pop, that I would too. I am a diet pepsi drinker, mostly caffeine free because caffeine at any time of the day for me messes up my sleep. Yesterday was Tyler's last Mt. Dew. We are on our last twelve Diet Pepsis and in a few days we will be pop free. I am addicted to pop because of it's fizziness. I have tried to go pop free in the past and have found myself staring longingly into the fridge, bored with food, bored with life. Do you think we can kick our pop habit? I think we can!