Saturday, June 19, 2010

This past week I picked quite a few blackberries. We have been eating them and still have some left over. They don't keep well and I found I had a container of mush-y berries yesterday. I decided to try and make freezer jam out of it. I was shocked to see that for 3 cups of berries you put in 5 1/4 cups of sugar. Who knew that jam had that much sugar in it? Well, the freezer jam didn't turn out. It didn't gel completely and there are still sugar grains in it. Tyler said it was way too sweet and I have to agree with him. I can't decide if I should freeze it or chuck it. So, for now it is sitting on the counter waiting for me to decide it's fate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is Maggie's new bed. We finally got rid of her crib which she hated, though not as much as Will. He tumbled out of it every chance he got, starting at 20 months. We have a convertible crib so we can use the one side of the crib as a headboard, but that means that we have to store the rest of the crib. Kind of annoying. Will only has a twin bed, so I think in a few years when he starts to complain about having a tiny bed we will have to get him a double, too. I got some wall decals but there is so little open wall space that I have only used three of the flowers. In each of our bedrooms there are 2 windows and 3 doors. That doesn't leave much wall space.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I was starting to feel like Will needed some new church clothes since the ones he wears every week are from the winter. So, we went to Kohl's and bought new pants, shirt, and tie. He was so proud this morning and listed all the people he was going to show his new tie to. He also told me he really wanted a bow tie, so I guess I will have to keep an eye out for that. Isn't he so handsome?
Yesterday we went to the WFYI PBS kids fair in Indy. I have to say that I was totally disappointed. It was mostly just vendors who probably gave a bit of money to WFYI so they could set up a booth. The characters that were there for the kids to meet had incredibly long line-ups of kids who have much more patient parents than we are. For example, we waited in a line behind about 20 other kids to see Clifford and he wasn't even going to be there for another half an hour! Forget about seeing Elmo. We basked in his furry glory from afar. And guess who 50 of the volunteers were? LDS missionaries! They do this as one of their days of community service. They wear the volunteer t-shirt over their white shirt and tie. Very stylish. Another thing, it had rained that morning and Military Park was wet and muddy and extremely humid. So all this adds up to two cranky parents and two disappointed children.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The past several months I have had problems posting pictures. So here is a sample of the past few months.
Will on his bday bike, Maggie in her Easter dress,

The aftermath of Maggie and her birthday cupcakes, Maggie's bday cupcakes

The past few days I have been picking blackberries from the edges of the Pennsy Trail. They have been so good. I made a blackberry pie out of them yesterday and I think I will go out tomorrow morning to pick more. Maggie can't get her fill of them and tries to steal them out of my container when I bend down.