Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today was Will's first day of pre-k. He was excited to go after we went and picked up his box of graham crackers at the grocery store today. I asked him if they played any games and he said he couldn't remember. He did remember the song they sang, which was called, "zip, zip". He couldn't remember any of the names of the kids, but he did tell me they ate graham crackers for a snack. Maggie and I dropped him off and walked back home to play outside and in the toy room. She didn't seem to mind having him gone, although when I was putting her clothes back on (she strips immediately upon entering the house) so we could pick him up, she said that she missed him and would give him a kiss.

I went out to water my porch plants this morning and I saw a furry black tail coming out of the bricks. I thought it was a cat, but it didn't make any movements when I came up behind it, so I went inside to see what it was from the window and I think we have a groundhog living with us. I went back out to see if he would jump off the porch if I walked up behind it, but it didn't. By the time we got Will home from school, he was gone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I never knew that a 2 year old could be so tricky. I try my best to keep my kids relatively quiet so we can stay in the chapel during sacrament meeting, but Maggie has figured out a way to get out into the hallway where they can be louder and have more fun. She purposely goes pee in her diaper and then keeps on saying very loudly that she poopooed her diaper until I take her out. She always does it twice during sacrament meeting so I always know to bring at least two diapers. It's usually only a few drops, too, so I know that she is doing it on purpose. I know she is ready to potty train, but I want to wait until the fall or next year so we aren't tied down to a toilet the rest of the summer.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will goes to preschool in the fall, so I started thinking that it would be a good thing if he knew how to write a few letters so I wouldn't seem like too neglectful a parent. He has never liked to draw or color and can't (or won't) hold a pencil correctly. But I have been trying to work with him on that. He simply does not want to have anything to do with learning how to write. I started trying positive persuasion, like "You can do it, it will be fun!" Then it turned to bribing, "I'll give you some chocolate if you will write some letters." Then it turned into punishment, "you can't watch tv unless you write your letters." Now I've gotten just plain mean, "Maggie gets to watch tv, but you have to go up to your room and play quietly." That one works part of the time. The thing is, I need their tv time. I set them in front of the tv for a couple hours so I can lay down and read a book or try to nap. So, this is even more of a punishment for me than it is for Will. The day goes so slowly without my nap time. I hope the teachers can do a better job than I can.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today we went to the library to play and read. They were having a carnival for the kids so we decided to go. There were lots of games to play and candy and balloon animals. The balloon people were doing pretty elaborate things and I tried to get WIll to get a fish on a pole. But he just had to have a Viking hat. A once proud and fierce culture summed up into one balloon hat. Maggie got a dog on a leash which popped as soon as we got home.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One of the the reasons I am glad to be a stay-at-home-mom is that I rarely have to wake my kids up. They tend to be early risers anyway, no matter what time they go to bed, but sometimes we do have to be somewhere early. This morning I had an 8:00 dentist appointment so I had to take the kids over to a friend's house at 7:40. I gently woke Will up at 7:20 and he immediately screamed at me and told me to get out of his room. He didn't stop screaming and crying until after I left him at the Howell's. I literally had to drag him kicking and screaming out of our house, hold him down as I buckled him into his car seat, and then drag him kicking and screaming into their house. What a way to start off a play date. He sweetened up quickly and ended up having a good time with his friend, Natalie. Maggie was a lot easier to get up and she didn't mind being left at someone's house. I could not do that every day and go to work.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Tyler once again started thinking about quitting Mt. Dew. I said that if he quit pop, that I would too. I am a diet pepsi drinker, mostly caffeine free because caffeine at any time of the day for me messes up my sleep. Yesterday was Tyler's last Mt. Dew. We are on our last twelve Diet Pepsis and in a few days we will be pop free. I am addicted to pop because of it's fizziness. I have tried to go pop free in the past and have found myself staring longingly into the fridge, bored with food, bored with life. Do you think we can kick our pop habit? I think we can!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This past week I picked quite a few blackberries. We have been eating them and still have some left over. They don't keep well and I found I had a container of mush-y berries yesterday. I decided to try and make freezer jam out of it. I was shocked to see that for 3 cups of berries you put in 5 1/4 cups of sugar. Who knew that jam had that much sugar in it? Well, the freezer jam didn't turn out. It didn't gel completely and there are still sugar grains in it. Tyler said it was way too sweet and I have to agree with him. I can't decide if I should freeze it or chuck it. So, for now it is sitting on the counter waiting for me to decide it's fate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is Maggie's new bed. We finally got rid of her crib which she hated, though not as much as Will. He tumbled out of it every chance he got, starting at 20 months. We have a convertible crib so we can use the one side of the crib as a headboard, but that means that we have to store the rest of the crib. Kind of annoying. Will only has a twin bed, so I think in a few years when he starts to complain about having a tiny bed we will have to get him a double, too. I got some wall decals but there is so little open wall space that I have only used three of the flowers. In each of our bedrooms there are 2 windows and 3 doors. That doesn't leave much wall space.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I was starting to feel like Will needed some new church clothes since the ones he wears every week are from the winter. So, we went to Kohl's and bought new pants, shirt, and tie. He was so proud this morning and listed all the people he was going to show his new tie to. He also told me he really wanted a bow tie, so I guess I will have to keep an eye out for that. Isn't he so handsome?
Yesterday we went to the WFYI PBS kids fair in Indy. I have to say that I was totally disappointed. It was mostly just vendors who probably gave a bit of money to WFYI so they could set up a booth. The characters that were there for the kids to meet had incredibly long line-ups of kids who have much more patient parents than we are. For example, we waited in a line behind about 20 other kids to see Clifford and he wasn't even going to be there for another half an hour! Forget about seeing Elmo. We basked in his furry glory from afar. And guess who 50 of the volunteers were? LDS missionaries! They do this as one of their days of community service. They wear the volunteer t-shirt over their white shirt and tie. Very stylish. Another thing, it had rained that morning and Military Park was wet and muddy and extremely humid. So all this adds up to two cranky parents and two disappointed children.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The past several months I have had problems posting pictures. So here is a sample of the past few months.
Will on his bday bike, Maggie in her Easter dress,

The aftermath of Maggie and her birthday cupcakes, Maggie's bday cupcakes

The past few days I have been picking blackberries from the edges of the Pennsy Trail. They have been so good. I made a blackberry pie out of them yesterday and I think I will go out tomorrow morning to pick more. Maggie can't get her fill of them and tries to steal them out of my container when I bend down.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We haven't done much this Memorial Day weekend. Tyler worked in the yard and I worked at the garden plot yesterday. The garden plot is located in an old tennis court which is right next to a playground. I send the kids over to play at the playground while I toil. Will is always very disappointed when there are no kids to play with at the park. I think it's interesting how social he is now. When he was Maggie's age, he used to hate playing with other kids. Maggie is starting to like nursery. Just the past few Sundays she has gone in there willingly and not cried when I left her. At the park on Saturday there was a girl there that carried Maggie around and played with her. Maggie didn't quite know what to think about being commandeered by this little girl, but at least she didn't cry.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Yesterday was Tyler's 31st birthday. We didn't do much of anything special, I picked up some Culver's and made lemon bars. No presents, either. After last year's trash grabber, I am fresh out of good ideas. Today he took the day off and tonight he and WIll are going to the father-son campout. I hope it doesn't rain, though it looks like it might. It's getting kind of windy, too.

I have been trying to spend lots of time at the garden plot. My parsnips have come up nicely along with a nice crop of weeds. They take about 3 weeks to germinate, so I have avoided weeding those rows and they were full of weeds. I have also been snipping some lovely mesclun lettuce and it has been so delicious.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My mother's day wish was to have an afternoon to myself. Tyler took the kids to Muncie and I have been enjoying an empty house with no one but myself to cater to. I have been completely lazy and will continue to do nothing the rest of the day. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I started planting my garden a couple weeks ago. So far I have mesclun lettuce mix, carrots, parsnips, bean pods, and cilantro. Garden organization is not my strong point, I never mark the rows. I end up forgetting what is planted there and it's always a surprise to me when they start growing. I tried parsnips a few years ago and I loved them. You are supposed to leave them in the ground until after the first freeze, but the parks department closes the garden plots up in October. If it's not too mucky, I am going to go today and pull some weeds and plant my peppers which I grew from seed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For the kids' birthdays this year, my parents got them gift cards to Build-A-Bear. The gift card concept was lost on the kids, but my mom and I went to Castleton Mall yesterday and took them to redeem their gift cards. I hate going to that store because it's always packed with kids. Mine always start screaming and whining for a stuffed animal. This time they got to take one home. A very nice young man who takes his job very seriously helped us. He talked about how he likes to brush the fur on the animals so it looks just right. When we were checking out, he chastised me for not brushing the fur on Maggie's dog quite enough. I think the most amusing thing about that store are the teenage girls who bring in their boyfriends and make them do a bear with them. You can just tell by the way they cower that they hope their friends don't walk by and see them in there. How embarrassing for these young men, but I guess that's what you put up with if you want a girlfriend.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I turn 28 today! I requested an iPod for my birthday so I don't have to carry around my clunky old cd player when I go walking. Yes, that's me, blasting into the 21st century. I have no plans for my birthday. Tyler has stuff to do after work, so I guess the day is the same as every other day. My family was supposed to come down today, but my sister wasn't able to get work off. They still plan on coming down here for the weekend.

The community garden plot opened this weekend, so I am going to visit it and see if the soil is workable and I might plant my salad mix lettuce. My friend Sarah Fitzgerald signed me up for a plot on her name so now I have two. I plan on planting a pumpkin and some other viny plants that take up a lot of room. In the book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Almanzo milk feeds a pumpkin so that it grows extra large. I would like to try that, but I don't think I will be able to keep up the regimen every day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

We celebrated daylight savings time by getting a large-number alarm clock since we keep the clock on the other side of the room. It is so bright that it burns through our eyelids and keeps us from falling asleep. So we put it under Tyler's pile of clothes on the floor and use our cellphones to see the time. Kind of pointless, don't you think? The upside to this is that I keep track of my cell phone more since I often misplace it for days on end.

I love spring daylight savings time since it makes the kids sleep in past 7, although they go to bed at 9 now. Yesterday I had to give them Cheerios in the car on our way to church since they slept until 6:40. They are rarely hungry when they wake up, so they won't eat right away.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last week on Will's birthday, we made a trip to the Children's Museum.
Will seems to like his new bike...he makes it about 10 feet before he decides it's too hard to pedal.
The kids had their checkups last week. Will has been saying that the doctor hit and kicked him and that he doesn't like going there. She was just checking his knee reflexes, by the way. Will was a whopping 31 lbs and 39 inches and I went out and bought him a booster seat to replace his big honking car seat. Maggie was 23 lbs and has a head in the 75th percentile, height in the 25, and weight in the 10th percentile, so I'm hoping her body catches up to her head soon.
I also went to the doctor last week and have joined the throngs of people who take sleep aids. I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, so the doc gave a scrip for Ambien. I have a resolution to only take it 2 times a week so I don't get addicted. It only seems to work for about 4 hours and then I am awake again. What I really want is something to knock me out for a full 10 hours, so I don't have to listen to the snoring and screaming of my family and radiators hissing in the night.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Will's 4th birthday is coming up on Tuesday, so my parents came on Friday to celebrate with us. They took the kids on Friday night so Tyler and I could go on a date. We went to Santorini's Greek kitchen which is a fabulous restaurant in Indy. We had a goat cheese appetizer that they set on fire(on purpose), I had a delicious garlic and mushroom soup and we got a platter of foods to share for our main course. Then we went to see Bela Fleck and the Africa Project at Clowes Hall. I felt sorry for the people who had to sit around us because of all the garlic we ate at Santorini's. We put our leftovers in the trunk during the concert and gagged when we got back in the car because of the stench. But in spite of that, I think the leftovers will be delicious. On Saturday we went to have pictures taken (to be posted later) at the Picture people then we had pizza and cake and Will got to open presents. On Monday, Nancy is coming over and we are going to eat dinner and then go to Wal-Mart to buy Will a bike for his present. On Tuesday we are going to the children's museum to see the Bob the Builder exhibit. By the way, I did not make the Lightning McQueen cake, in case you were wondering.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tyler's Valentine's Day "present" to me was Super Mario Kart for our Wii. I loved this game growing up and was extremely good at it on the Super Nintendo that my Canadian cousins owned. The Wii game is really cool, too, but I find myself too lazy to play it. Tyler has been playing it all weekend and has gotten really good at it, so now I don't want to play with him because he will just kick my butt. I don't know if I will get up the motivation to practice or not. Shouldn't I have something better to do? Like work on the sacrament meeting talk I have to give next Sunday?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think most of you know that Tyler's dad died last week. We had a lovely family service today and we buried him. I think that Will is starting to understand that Poppy isn't around anymore. We told him that Poppy is with Heavenly Father and Jesus and Poppy's dad. Will asked what Poppy was and we told him that he was a missionary up in heaven, teaching the people who didn't get to hear about the gospel while on this earth about Jesus. I am grateful that we know enough of the restored gospel to be able to answer our children's questions. What a beautiful plan it is!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yesterday some mothers from church got together at our church to let our kids run wild in the gym. Will was so excited that he was going to church to play instead of going to primary. He kept on telling me that he was a "wittle boy" again and that he would be in nursery again. I think I will have a hard time getting him to go to Sunbeams on Sunday.

I also changed my email address. Some shoe company must have hacked into my email account and was sending emails out to people on my contact list. So, I am sorry if you've been getting junk mail from me. My new email is

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On MLK Jr. day all the museums in Indy are free if you bring in a canned good. Two years ago Will and I went to the zoo on a frigid 20 degree day and we had a blast. There were almost no other visitors, I was able to drive my stroller without having to dodge people, and Will got to get up close to the animals. I thought it would be the same on this past Monday when we went. It was about 32 degrees and I guess those 12 degrees make a big difference in how many people visit on free day. It was packed. Maggie didn't want to be in the stroller and Will would not get out of it. I had to force him out of it, kicking and screaming so that I could get a picture to prove that we went. I don't think I will ever go to the zoo while my kids are in a stroller ever again. I have almost uncontrollable urges to ram my double stroller into whoever is in my way.

Today we went to Castleton Square mall to go mall walking. I miss the days when I had the Muncie Mall to go walking in. I was a regular during the winter. The Washington Square Mall is pretty scuzzy and I just don't have the urge to go there and mall walk. However, today I got a few laps in before the kids couldn't take it anymore. Then we went to the park they have in the food court and the kids played for almost 2 hours while I zoned out. I also compare the cuteness of my kids to the others playing. My kids were almost the cutest kids there(totally unbiased opinion) except for this gorgeous Middle Eastern boy with a mop of black hair and big brown eyes. After I dragged the kids away I resisted the temptation of mall food (this time) and we went home.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I don't know what's happened the past couple weeks, but apparently I have not been online for most of that time because I had well over a hundred emails in my inbox (mostly junkmail) and my last post was on the 6th. Well, I put Will in front of the tv and Maggie and Tyler are headed to Muncie for the afternoon so I will have a bit of time to veg. Will went to his third week of primary today. He still asks if he can go to nursery but he doesn't throw a fit now when he doesn't get to go. I play the piano in primary and I love to watch him. Most of the time he sits there looking around, not paying attention, but I guess I can cut him some slack since he isn't even 4 yet. I thought I had gotten over being a competitive mommy, but it's obvious that I haven't. There is little boy who is just over a month older than Will and he already knows some of the Articles of Faith. I've tried to teach Will these, but if he sniffs out anything to do with church he refuses to listen or to sing along with me. I will have to be more crafty or maybe chill out a bit.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just thought this picture of Maggie was so cute. Her hair is finally getting long enough to put in pigtails.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! We didn't do much on the last night of 2009. Tyler worked a bit more in the kitchen and the rest of the night we played with the kids. I didn't make it much past 9 and Tyler didn't even make it to midnight. We were awakened by our neighbors who were out in the street banging pie pans and making a ruckus and we muttered to ourselves what lousy neighbors we had. We are officially old grouches. That's ok, though.

Tyler goes back to work on Monday, which he is unhappy about. It's been nice to have him home so I don't have to haul both the kids around with me.