Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The first phase of our kitchen renovations is done. We had a new countertop installed and a dishwasher. The past year and a half without a dishwasher hasn't been that bad. I don't mind doing the dishes by hand. What I mind is trying to do the dishes and take care of two kids that need something every 30 seconds or are clinging to my legs, screaming. Hopefully the dishwasher will streamline things. Tyler is going to take care of the gap left by taking the two cabinets out and replacing it with a smaller dishwasher. We're thinking a pull-out trash can or vertical cookie sheet storage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maggie has finally gotten 2 more teeth. She has had only 4 teeth for the past 5 months and now she has two molars on her right side. You can see the rest of her teeth right under the surface but they are taking their sweet time.

We have been enjoying time outside the past couple of days. This is the coldest October I can remember, but then again, I do have a terrible memory. I HATE having to get coats and shoes and hats on the kids and trying to stuff them in their car seats every time we go out. It makes me just want to stay home.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The past few days I have been working on bringing my tropical plants indoors. Over the past year or two I have kind of gone a bit crazy on buying tropical plants. When we moved into our house I was always kind of jealous of those green thumbs in our neighborhood who had lush jungles on their front porch during the summer. Walmart has cheap tropicals so everytime I went there I would end up buying another. Now that it's cold out I have to bring them in and I am having a bit of trouble finding sunny places to put them. You would think that with all the windows we have that it wouldn't be a problem, but I can't stand the thought of the sun beating in and bleaching our floors. Oh well, I might just have to suck it up. I went to my favorite lawn and garden place, Frady's, yesterday because they always have fabulous ceramic pots 50% off at the end of the season. I got two for my larger plants and I love them. My plants are going to be sad to be indoors. They always get so anemic looking during the winter.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The past 5 days Will and I have been dealing with a cold. I think it is about over now, thank goodness. Will absolutely hates to have his nose wiped and he starts screaming if you try to get him to blow his nose. Myself, I have probably gone through 4 rolls of toilet paper, trying to keep my nose in check. I adopt an attitude of hopelessness when it comes to trying to keep illnesses from the other child. I still let them share food and drinks and touch the same toys. I think it is pointless to follow the sick child around, washing their hands after every time they sneeze or cough and spraying everything with Lysol. I sometimes will put hand sanitizer on them but they always put their hands in their mouths to taste it and I can only imagine how awful that is.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yesterday we went to two festivals, Mississinewa 1812 and the Riley Festival. The 1812 festival focused on the war of 1812 as fought in this area. Before we left I asked Will if he wanted to go see soldiers fight and he freaked out so I had to tell him we were going to Target. When we got there he complained a bit, but soon started to enjoy the seeing the cannons being fired at the river battle. It was very muddy out and the whole festival was on rough terrain so I didn't use the stroller. I had to carry Maggie about 2/3 of the time. The rest of the time I coaxed them along with Goldfish and other treats. After we left that festival we went to Nanny & Poppy's house for a visit and then came home. We went to Riley Days for dinner where they had the usual fair food vendors.

Have you ever kept a food journal? I find it is helpful when my weight is on the upswing. But there are some days when I just would rather not document what I ate. I will give you a sample of the foods I ate yesterday of which I am very ashamed.

1 pork chop

1 cup of apple cider

1 medium frybread with cinnamon sugar and apple butter

1/2 bag of popcorn with delicious sugar coating

1/3 of a bloomin' onion

a few bites of gyro meat

2 chocolates and 1/4 of a red velvet cupcake

So you might say I ate my way through two festivals yesterday. And how do you think I felt last night? Pretty sluggish and bloated on top of the fact that I smelled like wood smoke and carnies. But I slept well and will try to make up for my poor diet yesterday by eating better today.