Monday, September 29, 2008

creme brulee

This morning, I had some leftover cream that i wanted to use up so I made maple creme brulee. It was so good!

Maple Creme Brulee

2 cups whipping cream
1 cup pure maple syrup
7 egg yolks, stirred together
-Heat oven to 325. Boil a pot of water for water bath.
-Cook and stir cream and syrup together over medium-low heat, just until bubbles form. Remove from heat
-Slowly whisk cream mixture into the egg yolks. Strain through fine mesh sieve. Pour into custard cups
-Put custard cups into a large pan and add boiling water until it reaches halfway up the cups. Put in oven.
-Bake for 50-55 minutes or until it slightly ripples when shaken. Take out of water bath and let cool on wire rack. Refrigerate.
-When ready to serve, crumble sugar on top and melt with a torch or put cups under broiler for a short time.

My all-time favorite brulee is from family fun magazine. It's called maple pumpkin custard. Check it out!

I got Will a Halloween costume today at Marshall's. It's a monkey. It seems very fitting that he should be a monkey since he seems to be obsessed with Curious George.

Friday, September 26, 2008

crown moulding

This evening we started hanging the crown moulding. We bought it a month ago from a company that sells foam trim. Yes, we are putting styrofoam up in our house! Actually, you would never be able to guess that it is not nice wooden crown moulding, unless you happened to ding it. And it is not like it wasn't expensive. But we figured that the ease of installation outweighed the added cost. You just glue it up into the corner and caulk any gaps. It looked so easy in the video on the website, but in reality, it is kind of tricky. And to make matters worse, Tyler and I realized long ago that we don't work together well. But so far, we haven't gotten too mad at each other. He is making another Home Despot run for more glue and caulking and both the kids went to bed before 7PM which means I will be up before the sun tomorrow morning. But that also means I get lots of kid-free time tonight.
I have decided that there are a few recipes for dinner that I should make frequently. They include Fried rice, beans and rice, and pan fried flank steak. It is strange to me that I should include so many rice meals, because I really don't like rice. But, these recipes are quite tasty. I found out today that WIll doesn't like Chef Boyardee ravioli. I should have known that since he also doesn't like spaghetti (what kind of a kid doesn't like spaghetti?) but I thought I would try the ravioli anyway. Tyler said that the only kids who eat Chef Boyardee are those whose moms don't cook. What about those moms who throw a piece of bread onto their kids trays and who give them a handful of shredded cheese for lunch (yes, that's me)? I try to get a banana and apple down his gullet every day, too. And a container of yogurt. But the boy will not eat the delicious meals that I prepare. Oh, gotta go, Tyler just pulled in the driveway with the glue!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Will now has a cold, but fortunately his poop is back to normal. It's a good thing he's only 2, because if he was older he would be so embarrassed that I write about it. But, I suppose as long as I have to deal with his poop, it can be as public as I want it to be. He started with a runny nose yesterday and he was so congested last night he could hardly sleep. This morning, he was sneezing great gobs of snot. So, needless to say, we stayed home from church. I am even letting him watch Caillou, even though we try not to watch tv on Sunday. We got a couple DVDs at the library. He is on a real Caillou kick right now. When we turn off the tv, he cries and kicks and screams. We've only seen it a handful of times up until last week, but he kept on asking for it. Tyler let him watch an episode of it on youtube and when he came back into the office to check on Will, there was a raunchy Snoopdogg track that accompanied the cartoon. I guess we need to be more watchful of what we pull up on the net for Will.

We finished priming and are almost finished painting the ceiling in the dining room. Tyler painted "earthy cane" around the pocket door and it is quite a lot greener than I imagined it to be. It almost looked like the same color we had in our living room on Woodway. For my part, I loved that color. Sure, it looked like baby poop after eating strained peas, but still. When we had cable this summer I watched a ton of HGTV and episodes of Designed to Sell. When the realtor went through one of the houses at the beginning of the show, someone had that exact same color of beigish-green and the mean realtor made a gagging noise. I was hurt.

We finally got a spot in the library toddler time. We made a kitty mask last week. The woman who did story time had a kitty hand puppet. She walked around the circle and let the kids all pet the kitty. When it came time for WIll to pet it, he wouldn't. He is so shy in those library groups. He was a little better this week and even went up to get the supplies for the sheep we made.

My neighbor, Emily, and her 4 year old son Cameron and 15 month old Marshall came over to play Friday afternoon. Will hid in his room for the first several minutes. I went to get him and he sat on the couch the rest of the time they were there. I guess it was just too much of a shock for him to have other kids playing with his toys.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This picture of Spike the dinosaur doesn't quite do justice to what WIll needs for Christmas. We went to Target today and it was on an endcap. Will really liked it, but he was scared to press the button that made it go. It was $130, but I think it would be worth every penny. Will (and mommy) would love it!

Will has had diarrhea today. We did a triple bathroom rush in Meijer today, which was not fun. Trying to get a baby seat, baby bag, and WIll out of the cart three times gets really tiresome and stressful. Fortunately, he didn't poop at Meijer, but just this afternoon, he had an accident. It wasn't quite as messy as what happened on Sunday, though, when he pooped in his pants and as I was trying to carefully extricate him from his pants and undies he starts kicking which sent poop flying all over. Oh well...

Much to Tyler's chagrin, I started stripping wallpaper in Will's bedroom. This wallpaper had a sun, moon, and stars border and then a plaid wallpaper. It only went up to about shoulder level, so it wasn't hard to get off. I will have to paint the ceiling since it is blue, so that's going to be really annoying.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is really windy out today. I am so glad we have a front porch, because I love sitting out there and watching the trees thrash and the rain fall. Our across-the-street neighbors have some really old trees that are way too big to be so close to their house. We had that problem in our last house. I was always scared when wind storms rolled through. I should feel safe in our house since the large trees in our yard are very healthy and appear strong. But if that elm across the street ever decides to fall south it will take our house out with it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am freezing! It feels so good, though. We've only been without AC for about 5 or 6 weeks now, but it was the hottest 5 or 6 weeks of the year. We had a couple of thunderstorms roll through last night, so that cooled things off. I think we have had a pretty moderate summer, though. It hasn't been really hot for more than a few days in a row. I am so glad I live in a climate where we have changing seasons. I can't ever say which season is my favorite, because there are things I like and dislike about each. What do I like about fall? I love the scent of the leaves on the grass or burning in some far off field ( though I would be pretty peeved if my neighbors were burning leaves), apple cider, cuddling up with a hot cup of marshmallows with a little hot cocoa in it and reading a good book. Tyler and I have been planning a leaf peeping trip to Brown County for years now. Maybe next year when TYler is done with his MBA we will make it there.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Will stayed with M&N again overnight. So, we continued to work on our house. We had new tile installed after we broke some taking the glass shower door off. I stripped off an ugly floral border last night and Tyler is painting the walls "Dolphin Fin"(I can hardly stand to type that, it sounds so stupid). I will post a picture of the bathroom when it is done. No more big pink! I also tried stripping paint off a door. I used "Nature's Own" paint stripper. It didn't smell very natural, but whatever. It took off some of the paint and I got some less "natural" paint stripper to try after the kiddos are in bed tonight.

Also, I tore out all the noxious weeds/groundcover from our gate gardens last week. See before and after. I got two "radrazz" shrub roses (1/2 off, of course) from my new favorite lawn & garden center, Frady's, and planted those a few days ago and mulched this morning.

I made some spaghetti sauce this afternoon that was surprisingly good.
I am now ready to take a break and do some mindless internet surfing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sticker fun

We went to Target today and they had some cute stickers that were 50% off. So, I got some for Will along with a notebook and alphabet flash cards. This is what he chose to do with his stickers.

We also went to the library for 2.5 hours this afternoon to escape the heat of our non-air conditioned house. You could tell that other people without air conditioning were there, too. A boy came up to us with a gun made out of Legos and said "check out my muzzle loader!" Then he proceeded to show us how to use it. It was quite informational.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A labor day miracle

This labor day has been wonderful. It started out with me waking up at 7:05 AM. A few minutes later I heard Maggie and went to get her. Then at 7:20, Will finally woke up. Now, Will is what you might call a "short sleeper". He only gets on average, about 10.5 hours of sleep a day. For a 2 year old, that's not much(at least not enough for me!). I hope he doesn't join the ranks of short sleepers as an adult. Some famous short sleepers include Bill Clinton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison, and Winston Churchill. Anyways, after we all woke up, I made French Toast. Then Will and I tore some more noxious weeds out of the west foundation planting, destroying prime cricket real estate. Then, after getting into some poison ivy, I took a shower, then played with the kids, then Tyler made some delicious burgers for lunch. Then, we played some more.

We actually had family home evening. We aren't very good with that, what with Tyler in classes on Mondays; or at least that's my excuse. In WIll's Curious George book, it shows you how to make a boat out of paper. So, we sang Nephi's Courage, told Will about how Nephi built a boat(he ran around the living room while we tried to tell it to him, so I don't think he benefited from it), then Tyler tried to build a boat following Curious George's instructions. You would think if a monkey could do it, we could do it, but that was not the case. TYler had to watch a video on the internet. Then we tried floating it in the "dink", but it almost immediately fell apart. WIll had a fit, so Tyler tried to make another one, which fell apart again. Our conclusion: Heavenly Father should have taught Nephi how to build an airplane. THey are much easier to make out of paper.