Thursday, August 28, 2008

She's got wheels!

This morning, I had the sudden urge to go roller skating. I usually blame my urges on hormones, but I don't know which hormone controls this particular urge. Anyway, I imagined myself sailing down the sidewalk, steadied by my double stroller. The last time I tried to roller skate, I seriously damaged my coccyx. I couldn't sit comfortably for months. So, I donned my skates (the official roller derby skates, to be exact) and practiced a minute in my driveway. I didn't exactly sail, but I blamed it on our disintegrating concrete. We headed out and I can tell you, skating is a lot more difficult than I remembered. We made it onto the Pennsy trail which is about a block away. Fortunately, it was a foggy morning, because I truly looked like a stooge. I couldn't get up much speed and ended up walking on the donuts in front. After going about a block, I had to turn around. My hip muscles were already ready to give up. However, I am going to get this roller skating thing down. The best thing about growing older is that you don't care as much when people make fun of you, or cast curious glances as you are trying to do something that most 26 year olds don't do. But, at least I had fun!

We are babysitting Nanny for a bit today while Poppy has a meeting in the area. Then Nanny is taking Will to Muncie for the night so I can get some things done around the house. We are still working on our dining room. We don't have the crown molding up yet, because we need to address the papered ceiling. There are some cracks in the plaster that tore the ceiling paper (yes, white wallpaper on the ceiling) and we need to do something about it before we put the molding up. I think we should texture the ceiling, but I don't know if you can just slap the plaster on top of the paper. I tried steaming the paper, but the first layer wasn't going to budge without a fight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I really shouldn't have called bats "vermin" in my last post. I realize they are beneficial to our environment. I also think it's funny that their poop is called "guano". Besides bats, we have a few toads in our back yard and a snake. Yes, I saw a snake slithering under our ever-growing pile of brush last week. At first I thought it was a giant slug. I have found more slugs in our backyard this past month than I have ever found in all my years of gardening. And they are truly gigantic. I can't stand to even look at them, they are so gross. The snake was moving too fast to be a slug, though. With all these insect eaters in our area, you would think there would be no insects at all, but we still have tons of crickets and mosquitoes, among other things. So, while I appreciate bats, I would rather have them stay outside along with their guano.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't really have anything to blog about, but I feel obligated to write every now and again. Maggie got her 4-month shots this morning. She has been really good today, though. I didn't give her any tylenol, either. My allergies have started bothering me. I have been pretty lucky all summer. Except for a week in May, I have been quite comfortable.

We did have some excitement when Tyler came home and walked into his office. There was a dead bat in the middle of the floor! We can't figure out he got there. Old house woes, I guess. That's one thing that is kind of annoying about old houses. Vermin. And I envy anyone who can go around their home, opening windows up willy-nilly. No struggles with sticking windows or broken sash cords sending the weights plummeting into the nether regions of the wall. Oh, and lead paint worries. I could go on, but I will spare you. In spite of all that, we still really like our house and are glad we bought it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yearbook faces

Tyler found this website that lets you paste your face in certain years to see what you might have looked like with that year's style. I think it was called yearbook faces. I think we were at the height of hotness in 1992.


I was feeling quite surly yesterday morning and just wanted to curl up with a book. Of course with a 2 year old you don't have that luxury. So, after a few frustrating hours I made the conscious effort to enjoy Will and we went to the park. We played on the slides and swings and went rolling down the sledding hill. I don't know when a kid decides it's not cool to roll down a hill in public with your old mama who is sqealing "WHEE!" the whole way down, but I'm guessing my rolling years with Will are few. After rolling about 5 times, I took a good look at the grass and saw that the clover was still in bloom and that the bees were busy that day. I'm lucky I didn't get stung. So we ran up and down several more times, looked at the river a few minutes and went home. Maggie slept the whole time. I can't wait to roll with her!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will's new pool

I went to Target (Will's favorite store) yesterday and saw that they had a bunch of summer stuff 50% off. So, I ended up getting an inflatable pool and pump. The water was freezing cold, but Will didn't care at first. I think it did get to him in the end. His teeth were chattering and he was shaking with cold. I don't think we will be classified as White Trash until I get in there with my barley pop a'la Homer Simpson.
Before Tyler went to New Philadelphia (Ohio) on Monday, we walked downtown to a cafe called the Bread Ladies. That may just be my new favorite place. I got a grilled portabello mushroom sandwich on Ciabatta. It was great. For dessert we got giant cookies.
The dining room is slowly getting done. I have most of the wallpaper off, and have been trying to get all the glue off the walls. I never realized how lovely and smooth plaster walls are. It's a shame to paint them.
We have found a new thing to do. Puzzles. I always had them put away for fear all the pieces would get lost, so I never remembered that we had them. Will is surprisingly good at them and loves to do them. I love to buy puzzles. And baby books. Some people like to buy baby clothes, but I love going to the kids book section at the book store. We bought this really cool new book called "Gallop". WHen you open the book and move the pages, it looks like the animals are moving.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Will's new phase

The past few weeks I have noticed a change in Will. I think he is finally getting into his "terrible twos". Everything is "MINE" or "NO" and kicking and screaming all the way. When Maggie so much as touches him or whatever toy he is playing with he throws a fit. We were reading a book today and he didn't want me to touch it or turn the page. So, I guess I will just take a couple Tylenol and wait for him to go to sleep. At least I have one cuddly, sweet baby to love on.

Yesterday morning I walked with the kids to the farmer's market at the courthouse. I felt so urban. All I need now is to start taking public transportation. I love walking around downtown Greenfield. There are some fantastical houses. My favorites are the Victorian Era houses that are painted wild colors. I no longer think of these houses as crack houses where the neighborhood drug lord lives. There are at least a couple painted pink, one painted various shades of purple, and yet another that is painted shades of bright blue. It's a good thing we don't live in a paintable house, or Tyler might come home one day to a bright pink house.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Wiggles

Last night we went to see the Wiggles at the Coliseum in Ft. Wayne. It was surprisingly fun. Most people really hate shows like the Wiggles, but i don't mind them. Perhaps I wouldn't have as much tolerance if Greg and Anthony weren't quite as good looking. Being a Wiggle is not the most masculine profession, but I'm sure they make a ton of $. I had a great time clapping and dancing with Will.

Today Will and ET (Will's name for Ethan) are going with Yammy, Aunt Kathy and Kailyn to the splash park in Elkhart. I plan on staying home to relax and read more of Little Dorrit. That book is taking me forever to finish. I can't say it is my favorite Charles Dickens. There aren't as many eccentric characters as I like to see in his books. My two all-time favorite characters are Daniel Quilp and Richard Swiveller in The Old Curiosity Shop.

Monday, August 4, 2008

chair rail crisis

We are trying to figure out the placement of our dining room chair rail. Convention says that we should put it 32" above the floor. We have a window on the east side of the room that is about half way up the 9' wall. Should we put it a few inches above the bottom frame of the window (not really a chair rail anymore), somehow join it with the window frame (color and shape issues here) or put it below the window frame? I tried to put some pics up for you, but for some reason it wouldn't upload. I think we should put it a couple inches above the window frame. We also considered not putting chair railing on that wall at all since most of that wall is windows, making it a red accent wall. What do you think?

Maggie has her 4 month check up tomorrow. After that, we are leaving for Goshen and central air! I can hardly complain, though. It is warm during the afternoon and early evening, but with the box fans going in the windows at night it actually gets kind of cold. We were freezing last night. August is a miserably hot month and I don't know if I can make it.

The electricians started today on our new wiring in the upstairs. They will probably be here all week. We went to Castleton mall to get out of their way. Will had fun playing at the playground in the food court. He pooped his pants, but fortunately i brought backup undies. Then we went to Calico Corners to get fabric for the dining room chairs that I am going to reupholster. Hopefully I will do a better job than the last time. Some of the fabric got all bunched up. I got a black and white damask outdoor fabric. I hate to admit it, but I didn't do any measurements and decided I better get 6 yards of the fabric; one yard for each chair. Do you think that's too much? Probably. Well, maybe I will go all HGTV on you and make some wall art out of the remnants.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Will and Tyler went to M&N's house on Saturday and I was able to get alot done on the dining room. I have just another night or two of work to get the last bits of wallpaper off. We plan on putting up chair railing and crown moulding. I roll my eyes at many things, but one of them happens to be paint sample names. We are painting the dining room Earthy Cane, Almond Paste, and the moulding is going to be Ivory Tower. I often wonder who comes up with these names. If you are a fan of old movies, you may remember one called "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House." It's a wonderful movie. There is one scene in it where Mrs. Blandings is telling the painters what colors she wants in each room. She tells them things like she wants one room to be the color of robins eggs, one room to be a sunny yellow, but not too yellow, etc. Then the painter says to his partner who is writing the info down, "blue, red, yellow". You will just have to see the movie. Or read the book. I just found it is by an author named Eric Hodgins.

This week we are going to Goshen to visit the family. Wednesday, we are going to see the Wiggles in Ft. Wayne. We have limited basic cable, so we don't get Disney or Nickolodeon anymore. Will misses his shows, but I would rather have him just watch PBS.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We haven't had any hot water for a couple of days, so we had the new home insurance preferred plumber come out and take a look at it. He said that it was shot and proceeded to replace it. When it came time to turn the new one back on, he said that we didn't have any gas. When I had stopped all or our utilities at our apartment, I thought we had gas there and had called Vectren. Well, we didn't have gas there and I thought I made it clear that we still wanted service at our Main St address, but obviously my point wasn't made clearly enough. But, the plumber was nice enough to still bill it to the insurance. It was 25 years old, for goodness sake. It was time.

The amount of poopy diapers has dramatically decreased in our house. Will has gotten surprisingly good about going on the toilet and Maggie poops less than once a day. Another small victory for me. Well, I have to go. Will has finished his English muffin, or rather, finished eating the PB and jelly from off the top of it. Stinker!